Add an extra layer of security to your OnApp cloud with YubiKey - the fast, simple solution for two-factor authentication. 
What is YubiKey?
YubiKey is a USB authentication key. It provides an additional level of hardware security for user accounts in an OnApp cloud. YubiKey generates a secure code that OnApp uses, along with your username and password, to allow you to log in. 

How do you enable YubiKey support for OnApp?
First, a cloud provider has to enable YubiKey support for their OnApp cloud. It takes about a minute. Then any user can secure their account with a YubiKey if they wish. There's no subscription needed - just a YubiKey. Simple! 

Learn more about YubiKey
OnApp supports YubiKey 4, which enables secure two-factor authentication for a huge range of apps. Learn more at

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